Electric Motor Repair


We provide sales, service, rewinds, and cost efficient, high quality repair on AC/DC motors and VFDs, single and 3 phase, any size HP and pump, gearbox repair, and electronics, including 24 hour emergency service. Servo motor repairs and testing, on-site laser alignments and SPM (Spike Pulse Modulation) to evaluate the health of your motors. Surge testing, temperature controlled burnout and bake ovens, 4,160-volt test center and dymo testing and state of the art balancing equipment to ISO 1940/1 standards. Pump sales and rebuilds, any size, vertical, turbine, submersible, and centrifugal with on-site removal, installation, pickup, and delivery.

Motor Repair

  • AC/DC Electric Motor Sales, Service, & Rewinds

  • Servo Motor Repair & Testing

  • Pump Sales & Rebuilds (Submersible, Vertical, Turbine, & Centrifugal)

  • Surge Testing & Balancing Equipment (15000 lbs. Capacity)

  • Phenix Core Loss Tester

  • Temp Controlled Burnout & Bake Ovens

  • 4,160 Volt Test Center & Dyno Testing

  • Electronic Repair (AC & DC VFDs and PC Boards)

  • Onsite Laser Alignment

On-Site Services

  • Balancing of Motor to Equipment
  • Pick Up & Delivery
  • Removal & Installation of Motors, Pumps & Gear boxes
  • Laser Alignments
  • SPM (Spike Pulse Modulation) to evaluate the health of your motors