Shop Services

Repair Service:

Rewound DC Motor

Rewound DC Motor

  • AC and DC motors up to 5000 HP
  • Single and three phase motors
  • Pumps including submesrsible, centrifugal, vertical hollow shaft
  • Gear boxes
  • Generators

Electronic Repair and Service:

  • AC and DC drives
  • Soft starters
  • Electronic boards
  • Servo motors
  • Servo drives
  • Temperature controls

Testing, Balancing and Analysis:

Dynamic Balancing Machine

Dynamic Balancing Machine

  • 4,160 volt test panel
  • Load testing
  • Core lost tester
  • Baker surge tester
  • Laser alignment
  • SPM (Spike Pulse Method) bearing, vibration field testing
  • Schenk balancing machine
  • Dynamic balancing to ISO 1940/1 standards
  • Temperature control burn out and bake oven

Machine Shop:

Piedmont Machine Shop

Machine Shop

  • Lathe, milling machines, CNC machines
  • From emergency breakdown to multiple parts, no quantity is too small.

Welding Shop:

  • Shear
  • Brake
  • Multiple welders
  • On-site welding
  • Large steel inventory
  • Iron worker
  • Weld steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron
  • Certified welders

Online Services

Piedmont Electric offers online service for customers to keep updated on jobs past and present.

  • View quotes, pictures, job status updates, invoices and payments.
  • View storeroom inventories. We can keep your storeroom invetories current so you will never have a shortage or be in need of a motor. Call for more information.

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