Material Handling & Crane Services

Not just anybody can fix an Overhead Hoists and Cranes

We have specialized in providing our customers with quality service for over twenty five years. Our nationally certified OSHA/MSHA/ASME technicians are there in your time of need. Valued customers have grown to depend on Piedmont’s efficient and reliable expertise. Our excitement with new and innovative product lines is hard to keep to ourselves. We take pleasure in seeing our customers succeed using the finest hoists and cranes available. We work hard to provide our customers with the finest products at the best possible prices. Let us show you how our Material Handling Department can serve you in all your hoist and crane applications.

Service and Repair

From fabrication to complete turnkey installations, Piedmont is a leader in all aspects of design, manufacturing and installation of overhead bridge cranes and lifting equipment. Our company carefully oversees all aspects of manufacturing, from engineering, design and fabrication to assembly, installation and proof load testing. We like doing what others can’t.

We are equipped to inspect, repair & load test the following items:

  • Hand Chain Hoists
  • Lever Hoists
  • Trolleys
  • Electric Chain Hoists
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoists
  • Material Handling Products
  • Air Hoists
  • Spreader Beams
  • Below the Hook Fixtures
  • Auto Cranes/ Service Truck Mounted Cranes
  • Entertainment/Stage Hoists

OSHA Inspections

OSHA requires a documented and comprehensive inspection on all Hoists, Cranes and Lifting Devices including Below the Hook Fixtures. Let us help you with that as our company repairs all makes of overhead cranes, hoists and lifting equipment with 24 hour emergency repair service.

Sales, Manufacture & Installation:

Our Company sells and services the top brands, including:

Piedmont Electric
Our professionals sell, manufacture and install all makes of overhead lifting equipment. These include bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, custom designs and all other overhead lifting equipment.


The older cranes can last a good many years with proper care and modernization. Let us modernize your older equipment that may not be up to code or possess correct safety options by adding radio controls, warning devices and variable frequency drives. In addition, our crew installs motorized components and electrical equipment. We offer you a cost-effective solution and thorough modernization.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Are you too busy to perform frequent Preventive Maintenance Inspections? Let Piedmont give you a quote to provide a regularly scheduled maintenance program on all of your plant mechanical needs. We can provide custom inspection plans to help accommodate and document repairs needed.